Thursday, March 01, 2007

The social events...

We have now a better idea about what will happen in the evenings.

For Tuesday, September 25, there will be a welcome reception at the Georgian House, one of the tourist attractions in Limerick. Our guests will get the chance to visit the house and the garden and meet other participants, in the charming atmosphere of that venue. There is no big room in the house that could accommodate all the guests at one time, but there's an audio installation that will allow everyone to hear the welcome speech while wandering around with a glass of wine!

On Wednesday, September 26, we will be welcomed by the Mayor of Limerick at the City Hall for a civic reception. If the weather is nice, it will be a delight to have a stroll by the Shannon and admire the Hilton from the opposite side!

On Thursday, September 26, we're out to the Dromoland Castle, for a walk on the domain and the official conference dinner. This is likely to be an unforgettable event for our guests, as the place is pretty unique...

And of course, for those who come early, there's always something happening in the city - we'll prepare a list of recommendations for Monday evening closer to the time.

For those who want to stay over for the following week-end, Limerick Travel promised to put together a list of half-day or one-day trips to fit every budget and every interests!

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