Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Conference logo - draft

This is the version of the logo we liked the most:

It still needs some work... we were thinking of a bit more green...

A venue for the welcome reception

I went to an Electronic Music performance at the Daghdha space tonight. The place is an old church that was given by the municipality to Daghdha Dance to transform it in a space for cultural events. We were thinking of organising the welcome reception for ECSCW '07 there. The space is beautiful, big and welcoming. We could fit in a few demos, think of a live performance...

These pictures were taken at a dance performance back in May and could give you a fair idea of how the place looks like. The only problem is that the municipality might decide to take it back from Daghdha - we'll know by the end of November!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The conference venue

Bank Holiday here... After working all week-end, I went out for a walk this afternoon. We've been making all kind of bad jokes in the office: what if the famous Hilton (chosen as venue for ECSCW'07) won't be ready by September next year?! This September there was nothing but a big hole there.

Last night, it was getting dark and I saw light and heard noises, so I went closer to the place to see what was going on. Well, the hotel is up, and they were still working at the site at 6:30pm on a Bank Holiday, which is pretty rare!

This is how I found out that the hotel had a web site: you can get an idea how it will look like when it'll be ready! The big advertisement in the corner reads:

"Discover the secret of LivingWell at the new Hilton Limerick"
Ain't that promising?:-)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why a conference blog?

The preparation actually started a few months ago, but it is only now that we thought of starting this conference blog, 11 months before the actual conference.

Why a conference blog?!
1. It might be interesting for the potential participants to get a few glimpses of the preparations.
2. It will be definitely useful for the organisers of the next editions for duplicating what went well, and avoiding what went wrong.
3. It is a good way to get feedback from the people who attended the previous editions and would like to make suggestions.
4. It could be a consolation for the ones who won't make it to Limerick, but would like to know what happened.

You'll have the chance to read about the venue, the social events, about how to get here, about places to go while in Limerick and, of course, about the famous Irish weather!

And to end this first post, an Irish blessing for all our readers:

May the leprechauns be near you
To spread luck along your way!