Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The new Hilton - more comments

As mentioned in the previous post, we arranged a visit at the-Limerick-Hilton-to-be.

Here's an excerpt from Lui's notes, edited by Gabriela :

The main restaurant, bistro and bar on the ground floor:
Here's where we'll have lunch during the conference. We're planning a buffet bar, because this would give people a wide choice of food, and avoid long waiting times. We're probably going to have a long queue to the buffet bar but there is really nothing to do about that. If the weather is nice, the terraces could be nice gathering spots around lunchtime. People will have to be seated throughout the 3 spaces of the bar, restaurant and bistro to eat, but this will give them the chance to form smaller groups scattered around.

During the first two days(workshop days), we can reserve one of the spaces for the lunch, as there will be less people. Another option would be to arrange lunch on the 7th floor during the first two days.

The 7th floor:
There are 10 meeting rooms of different sizes on this floor, and four other on the 6th floor.
All the rooms have TV plasma screens that can be connected to laptops for both video and sound.
This floor has a separate common area/lobby. I think that the coffee breaks during the workshop days should take place there. The roof terrace will also be a nice feature if the weather is good and might encourage some of the groups to work outdoors for a little while. Overall I was very impressed with this floor. I particularly liked the fact that the meeting rooms have plenty of natural light. The potential risk is that the view will be a distraction!

The Lower level
The main conference room is very big. I think the plan of using 2/3 or it and having 1/3 sectioned off for posters would probably use the space in a good way. Of course we could decide to have the posters just outside in the dedicated lobby, where coffee will be served during breaks, but it might get crowded. The dedicated lobby could also host the registration desk during the main conference. This area has a separate outdoors courtyard - a quiet and close by place for getting some fresh air (probably a blessing for the smokers too!)

The main room will need one projector with good resolution as the projection surface will be quite large, and microphones. We should also get a platform/stage set up for speakers, panelists, etc. as the room is so large it might get difficult to see the speakers otherwise.


Visit at the construction site

Last night, we were given the chance to go inside the new Hilton and see the spaces we reserved for the conference. It's far from being finished, but the walls and the windows are there, and so are the stairs (we had to climb to the 7th level - quite a challenge;-)

More on this a bit later, for the moment I'd like to show you how we looked like:

You can't see the size 8 boots we had to put on - it's been raining for the last two days and the courtyard was extremely muddy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

another possible venue for the reception

Another possible venue for the ecscw07 opening reception is the Georgian House in Limerick City, a period mansion which has been preserved with all the original furniture and fittings.
Moreover, it overlooks another lovely city spot, the People's Park.

georgian house2

people's park

ecscw07 on Flickr!

To give a sense of what Limerick is like to all our readers and hopefully participants in the conference, we have set up a flickr ecscw07 page, where you can admire some nice photographs of Limerick and its surroundings.
Here's a view of the River Shannon which flows through the city. The conference venue, the Hilton Hotel, is located just on the riverside.

River Shannon

The Call for Papers is out!

The Call for Papers was published today, just in time for the announcement to be made at the end of the CSCW Conference in Banff, Canada today! Our colleague Anders is attending the conference, I wish he could take a picture for our blog when the announcement will be made;-)

The important dates are:
* 23 March 2007 Paper submissions due (electronic submission)
* 18th May 2007 Accept/reject notification
* 8th June 2007 Finished papers (camera-ready electronic submission)