Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Richard Harper visiting UL

Richard Harper came to UL today, invited for a talk:
" The Importance of Place in the Mobile Age"

Introducing Richard Harper

Of course we took this opportunity to have a ECSCW'07 conference preparation meeting in the afternoon - together with Carl Gutwin, he's going to be Programme Chair for ECSCW'07. It was good to have him here: a lot of things needed clarification. The track chairs were appointed and they accepted already. There's more to do for completing the list of Programme Committee members, but we hope to have it ready and posted to the website in the next week or so!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visit at Dromoland Castle

Another thing we had to think about was a place for the banquet. As our guests will be in the city for the duration of the conference, we thought of taking them to the country side, to get a taste of magic Ireland.

After examining the pro's and con's of several other places, Dromoland Castle appeared as the perfect choice. Situated in a breathtaking scenery, it is a world class hotel with excellent service and facilities ranging from conference rooms and restaurants through to golf course, spa, shooting, fishing, boating and horse riding.

The Castle entrance

On Wednesday, we went to talk to the sales manager and discuss the arrangements. We had tea by a fireplace while discussing the details and I must confess the place made quite an impression on us! Some of the participants might want to choose it as accommodation, as an alternative to the Hilton - the place is fantastic and those who have the intention to stay over for the following week-end might be tempted by the activities Dromoland can host! Shannon airport is only a few miles away, and there're lots of nice places to visit in the surroundings...

Exploring the organisation of a civic reception

Few days after the start of the New Year, we had a meeting at the Limerick City Council with Kieran Lehane, Director of Service. Having a world-class conference taking place just across the river Shannon from the City Hall, organising a civic reception was an option worth it to explore.

Our guests would be welcomed by the Mayor of Limerick, would have a glass of wine and the chance to wander by the Shannon and admire the view, surrounded by King John's Castle, Saint Mary's Cathedral, and the Hilton on the other side of the river...

Limerick's Mayor gets elected every year, so we don't know yet who will hold the position in September 2007. But we believe it will be a good opportunity for our guests to find out more about the city of Limerick!

The message of
the current Mayor, Councillor Joe Leddin, on the City Council's website highlights some of Limerick's best achievements, and there's also a good collection of visitor information available.

Although there are still details to be arranged(including good weather;-), Mr. Lehane agreed, on behalf of the City Council, to host the civic reception for the ECSCW'07 conference participants on Wednesday, September 26th.